Carbon Fiber Refrigerator Cover

Carbon Fiber Beer Refrigerator Wrap in Black


Carbon Fiber Beer Refrigerator Wrap in Black

Product Description

Carbon Fiber Beer Refrigerator Wrap in Black


Update your look with the hottest thing! And we mean Hottest! Really, you can’t get hotter than Carbon Fiber right now!

Black Carbon Fiber. We don’t even know what else to say about Black Carbon Fiber. Except that it is freakin’ amazing! We can’t even stop writing the word! Again, Black Carbon Fiber!

This is a great look for your Tattoo Shop, your Nightclub, your Hot Rod Shop, your Garage, your Man Cave, your Recording Studio, or ANYWHERE! 

We love the look! We want to cover the world in Black Carbon Fiber! Hell, forget the world, the Universe!! Our Black Carbon Fiber skins reflect light just like genuine Carbon Fiber and has the same awesome texture.

Get in on our demonic mission to skin the world black and get this skin on your refrigerator! And don’t stop there! Check out our Black Carbon Fiber skins for your laptop, your gaming system,  heck, your smart phone!

What are you waiting for?

Carbon Fiber for your World!

For your Laptop ~…k-carbon-fiber/ ‎

For your Apple Macbook ~…k-carbon-fiber/

For your Sony PS4 ~…k-carbon-fiber/

And your Sony PS4 Controller ~…bon-fiber-copy/

 For your Refrigerator.. yes, your refrigerator! ~…k-carbon-fiber/

 For your Xbox One ~…k-carbon-fiber/

 And your Xbox One Controller ~…k-carbon-fiber/

 For your iPhone 5 Lifeproof Case ~…k-carbon-fiber/

We’ve taken the Carbon Fiber look and made it into a Refrigerator Wrap. Our Carbon Fiber Wrap reflects light just like genuine Carbon Fiber. And it’s easy to clean.

 38″ x 65″ 

If you want to continue this theme, check out our  other Carbon Fiber decor options.

 Protect against scuffs and scratches with ease and leave no residue when removed.

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