Universal Laptop Skins. Why should you buy a Universal Laptop Skin some Demonites might be asking.
Well, we’ve got lots of reasons. Here are some, there are others. We’ll add to the list as we think of them.

Let’s start with #1 ~

1. Your Universal Laptop Skin makes your laptop unique and kick-ass! We know you want your laptop to be unique and uniquely you because we want your laptop to be unique and uniquely you! That’s why we’re constantly coming up with more and more choices. Not only can you buy a Universal Laptop Skin to go on your laptop but if you want to trim it and further customize it, you can!

2. Your Universal Laptop Skin protects your laptop from the scuffs and scratches of everyday life. Maybe you’re the type of person who keeps your laptop in one spot, on the desk, and never moves it, never sets anything on it, and keeps all others within a 10 foot radius from it. But we doubt that kind of person would be shopping at a webstore like Speed Demon Skins. We’re betting people. And we’re betting that your laptop is as on the go as you are!

3. Are you feeling like the great look you’ve got going on is so last year? Looking to change your image? We’re here to help you work that change with our tons of looks! If you want to change one kick-ass look for another, these skins are removable with little to no leave-behind residue.

4. Once it’s in place and firmly pressed down, your laptop skin will adhere and not slip and slide. It won’t come off until you want it to come off.

5. Your skin is printed with eco-friendly inks. We think that’s cool and we hope you think that’s cool too!

6. We cover your Universal laptop skin with a clear protective laminate. This protects your skin, which in turn protects your laptop. It’s like a symbiotic relationship. But different. We think that’s cool too!

6. This skin is the same material that we use for outdoor products. If it will hold up to the elements, it’s going to hold up on your laptop . Go ahead and leave your laptop out on the back porch for a week. Your laptop will probably be fried, but your Universal Laptop Skin is still going to look awesome!

One size fits all ~ the trim-to-fit size is 15″ x 10.5″ and may require trimming to install properly. It is large enough to fit most laptops and gives you the ability to get creative with the coverage. These are not templated to fit particular laptops but rather universal-size skins.

These are great for Netbooks, Mini Laptops, and Laptops of any size.

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